So what’s the difference between copy and content writing? (The two are certainly related!)

Well, copy is written material primarily used for print and online media, such as used in advertising. Copy sells a product or service through telling a story, selling a concept or describing a lifestyle through advertising a product. It should, at its best, engage with the reader emotionally. They say when selling a bed, don’t sell the bed – but sell a good night’s sleep! And that’s copy.

Content is more about writing to inform, explain and describe. Content requires using a more journalistic style to relate facts, features or ideas; it can be found in trade magazines, catalogues, non-fiction books. But content can also be used to express personal viewpoints such as in blogs, social media and brand narratives.

The main difference is “Copy sells, content tells”. If you know where you want to go – but don’t know how to get there – we can talk you through the maze of choices that are on offer. We are here to help.


For copy, we can produce almost any written matter for your business or organisation, including advertising and promotional materials. Examples include: web copy, exhibition materials, case studies, sales letters, posters, press releases, emails, postcards, radio and television commercial scripts, jingles, slogans, mottos, on-line ads, billboards and jacket and flap copy.


We can help shepherd traffic to your website with the power of social media by writing your weekly blogs, posts and tweets. We can support you through the bewildering maze of digital networking in order to help your business to harness the power of the Internet. We also write for brochures, catalogues, trade magazines and books.


For material that isn’t quite ready for publication, we can help you see a way forward. We know what they mean when they say ‘write without fear, edit without mercy’. We can help you at the editing stage of your writing process to make sure that your work is the appropriate length, that it is correct and also that you are getting the right information across to your audience.


We check for you. For those wanting our proofreading services we will proofread any written material, including procurement tenders, marketing copy, self-published work, university dissertations, essays and PhD papers.

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