Case study: LOTS Marketing, Burgh by Sands, Cumbria

Who is the customer? What do they do?


Solway Business Services is a hard-working, busy and successful business development and management team, incorporating LOTS Marketing. Last year their many clients included Calderwood House, a social enterprise in Cumbria that provides accommodation and prospects for homeless people. LOTS were integral during this period in their client’s start-up, in getting many projects off the ground, including the setting up of their own-brand coffee.

What were the customer’s goals?

LOTS required engaging and persuasive copy for their client, in different formats that would connect emotionally with a variety of readers and audiences. Charities and social enterprises that do not receive funding from the government, rely entirely on donations and sponsorship to survive. Calderwood House needed copy that would make successful and passionate petitions to a range of audiences to donate funds or provide sponsorship for their project. The other objective was to make a range of addressees aware of homelessness as an issue (e.g. school children learning about World Homeless Awareness Day) and inspire action to support the efforts of charities that help the homeless. This is where Spiral Glass came in.

What were the customer’s needs?

LOTS Marketing commissioned Spiral Glass to produce copy for numerous documents including brochures appealing to potential corporate and domestic sponsors for financial support, publicity materials, a gift-in-will appeal, web copy and Teacher-packs for schools hosting World Homeless Awareness Day.

How did SG satisfy those needs?

With the help of Spiral Glass, LOTS transformed the fundraising potential of Calderwood House. Spiral Glass produced the required copy, on time and with full endorsement from LOTS. Throughout the process Fiona liaised with the business manager at LOTS regarding the requirements for the copy including branding, marketing, audience, language and tone.  Due to the demanding workload LOTS were experiencing, Fiona at Spiral Glass was happy to independently undertake the research for all aspects of the copywriting; and where it was helpful, Fiona assisted with the planning stage of campaigns and projects. Another very happy customer.

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