Case study: The PLACE, South Shields

Who is the customer? What do they do? 


The Project for Looked After Children’s Education (The PLACE) is a busy and successful education support service dedicated to ensuring children in care achieve their academic potential.  This small team of six staff, track, monitor and deliver a range of interventions to around three hundred school-aged children.

What were the customer’s goals?

The goal of the PLACE was to provide more young people with a range of good quality work experience encounters during the course of 2017-2018 and funding was available for this by way of application to The Careers and Enterprise Company. The driver behind the application is this startling fact: “Young adults who recall four or more encounters with employers while at school are significantly less likely to be NEET – Not in Employment, Enterprise or Training, and earn, on average, 18% more than peers who recall no such activities.” The application to fund numerous work experience placements for this particularly vulnerable cohort of children was the objective.

What were the customer’s needs?

The Headteacher of the PLACE asked Spiral Glass, with their twenty-year involvement with education and their ability to write with clarity and accuracy, to produce from scratch, a solid and purposeful application to bid for a careers and enterprise grant. Although the deadline was tight, this application was completed, with plenty time to spare for the Headteacher to approve the document before submission.

How did SG satisfy those needs?

Spiral Glass were able to take the strain from the already hard-working team at the PLACE, by taking on the application, trawling through complex reports and the grant prospectus, to produce a high quality, focused and proficient application document and an accompanying Excel spreadsheet showing costings. The result: A high quality, well-referenced, strong application submitted before the deadline.

The Headteacher was delighted and impressed. Job done.

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