About Fiona


Fiona is teacher, author and workshop leader and researcher, living and working in the UK. As well as having an Honours Degree in English Literature, she completed her PGCE at the University of Nottingham. She has also completed psychology training Teaching Emotional Resilience to Children and Adolescents at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as learning about The Neuro-developmental Approach to Supporting Hurting Children led by teacher and therapist Louise Bomber.

A teacher and school leader for over two decades, and now a member of the National Association of Writers in Education, Fiona has written for the Times Educational Supplement, and regularly takes up the role of writer in residence in schools across the UK, running creative writing workshops. Evidence gathered through a Knowledge Exchange programme with University College London, shows that Fiona’s workshops improve children’s writing skills, improve well-being, boost self-esteem and increase confidence.

The author of Things Nobody Tells You When You’re Growing Up and A Practical Guide to Creative Writing for Schools, Fiona is also a proud mum of girls, a wife, a pianist, a keen jogger and has a cat called Blackberry.


Things Nobody Tells You When You’re Growing Up

The book every young person should read.
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This non-fiction book for pre-teens is about personal development and growing up. Each of the twelve chapters opens up a vital set of discussions about growing up, that parents rarely get the chance to have in full with their own children. It takes twelve common growing up issues (such as how to spot a genuine friendship) and splits each one open, into an honest discussion, while giving sensible and practical solutions to any potential problems.  Along the way it promotes self-care, well-being and ‘mindfulness’. It includes some activities for the reader, which are suitable for home and school.

The topics covered in my book are all about personal development issues which affect everyone at every stage of the lives and so in that respect its content is useful for anyone interested in self-reflection and growth. Grown-ups who have read my book have commented that it has made them feel incredible afterwards, just spending the time reflecting on key life issues and thinking over options available to every one of us, at all stages in our lives.

The issues raised in this book are as old as time themselves. Issues such as self-esteem, friendship, how not to burn out, how to look after yourself, what to do about self-doubt and feeling confused. I have two young children and I expect they will still be able to share and enjoy the content with their children, and their children’s children and beyond!

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Fiona on a number of projects: her number 1 best selling book Things Nobody Tells You When You’re Growing Up, an International Women’s Day event for educators and Fiona will be contributing towards my next book. Fiona speaks with so much confidence and passion. Her motivation for writing her book is evident; she truly believes that this book will be a valuable asset to young readers and their parents/carers/teachers for many years to come. Fiona is an incredibly knowledgeable person who is easy to work with – I look forward to working together again on many future projects.” – Sarah Mullin, Deputy Head Teacher at Priory School, Edgbaston
“Fiona was my first head of department when I worked in the north east of England. Her leadership was outstanding and I enjoyed every aspect of working with her. She is extremely professional, dedicated, creative, funny, intelligent and is passionate about seeing every individual she interacted with become the best that they could be. One of Fiona’s strengths is her ability to support you whilst continuing to challenge and improve your own performance, a lot of what I have developed as a teacher and as a leader is down to working with people like Fiona, she has had a huge influence on my own career.” – Andy Bolton, Vice Principal at Don Valley Academy, Doncaster
“Fiona is an intelligent, creative person who is a committed, supportive and enthusiastic team-player. Her approach is always meticulous, measured and consistent. Her knowledge of her English specialism and skills in the classroom are impressive. She is always prepared to ‘get alongside’ both colleagues and students in order to help them achieve their best. “ – Sarah Hay, Teacher and Senior Leader at Northumberland Community, Felton, Northumberland
“Fiona is a true wordsmith, committed to her craft. She is both articulate and artistic in her approach. Responsive, reliable and easy to work with too, Fiona has the ability to take a concept and put it into words, integrating keywords into a narrative. Fast, reliable, creative and meticulous.” – Lynsey Parke, Cumbria Careers Hub
“Fiona is an excellent practitioner who has a strong presence in the classroom. Her resources are creative, challenging and highly engaging; students are enthused and motivated to achieve during her lessons. Her consistent and extremely professional approach means she has a significant impact on the staff and students she comes into contact with.” – Claire Scudder, Assistant Headteacher, Churchill Community College, Wallsend
“Fiona is professional, personable and very reliable. The quality and accuracy of her work is of the highest order. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any individual or company.”  – Angela Tuplin, Director, NE Display, North Shields